Charity groups may vary from year to year depending on the preference of the class.

1.) Chernobyl Children Project

We fund a summer holiday for children from the Chernobyl Region.
This adds years to their lives.
c/o Daireann Caffney,
2 Camden Place,
Camden Place,
Co Cork.

2) Debra Ireland: Butterfly Children

We pay for research into a terrible skin disorder.
Melanie Cunningham
01- 6776855

3) Zambia Fund:

We pay for medical supplies and educational resources for poor children in Zambia.
c/o Dr. Patricia Horne,
St. Josephs,
8 Cowper Drive,
Dublin 6.

4) Hope fund - Edith Wilkins:

We pay for food, shelter, medical supplies and education for the street children in Calcutta, India
Maureen Forrest,
1 Clover Lawn,
Skeland Road,
Co. Cork.

5) Barretstown Gang Camp:

We donate money to this fun camp for seriously ill children.
David Strahan
Ph: 045-864115

6) Monkstown Summer Project, Monkstown:

We pay for a summer camp for children in the locality to give the opportunities to learn new skills.
Marian White

7) Dunmore House, Glenageary

We have donated money to improve facilities for the handicapped children here.
Anne Gunning
01- 2852900

8) Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children Crumlin

We donate money to this very worthy hospital
Susan Ronan
01 - 4096300

9) The Vulnerable Children's Charity

We have donated money to this South African medical and feeding center for children.
Maria Rowlette
Newcourt School, Boghall Road, Bray.

10) The Christian Brothers Yambio Project in Sudan and Arusha Project in Tanzania

We have donated money to buy roofs and medical supplies for the children of southern Sudan.
Br. Pat Gaffney
St Brendans College, Bray.

11) Temple Street Children's Hospital

We have donated money to buy new equipment for the early detection of eye disorders.
Dr. Ian Flitcroft

12) Special Olympics

We have sponsored two athletes, Mark & Lisa, for last year's games.We plan to sponsor athletes for China 07

13) Early Intervention Summer Course

This summer course caters for children with difficulties in reading and mathematics.
Mary E. Price/Maria Mc Ananey
C/O Scoil MHuiré

Gilford Road
Dublin 4

14) The Sunshine Home Leopardstown

We have donated money for the construction of a sensorial garden for the children.We are planning to buy play equipment this year.

15) The Cottage Home Dun Laoghaire

We have donated money to this home for needy children in our locality


We have donated money to children effected by the Tsunami.

17) Ragalla Aid Sri Lanka

We are donating money to help rebuild an orphanage.

18) Irish Red Cross

We have donated money to help children in the Beslan disaster.


We have donated money to buy food and medicine for needy children all over the world.

20) Outreach Moldova

Twos classrooms called "Monkstown"and "Scott" have been built in an orphanage from the money we donated.

21) Sri Lanka

We are helping Dr. Twoomey's Sri Lanka Ophanage Fund (more details shortly)

22) Laura Lynn Hospice For Children.

Money donated to build a Hospice for Children in Dublin.

23) Pakistan Earth Quake Appeal

Money donated to help survivers of the Earth Quake in Pakistan.

24) Mrs, Cullen's Swaziland Appeal

School fees paid for a whole class of children in Swaziland!

25) Operation Smile

Life changing operations for children with cleft lips all over the world.

26) Leo Clubs - Dalkey and Dun Laoghaire

Giving fun to children in our community

27) Chernobyl Development Programme

This charity renovates orphanges in Belarus and arranges Santa Claus for local children

28) Friends of Londiani

Hazel told us of the work carried out in Londiani, Kenya,to help local people help themselves. Water tanks have been constructed and schools and hospitals have benefitted.

29) Kherson Baby Home

Christopher's cousin adopted children from Kherson and we are helping renovate the orphanage and improve services for the children.

30) CARE in St. Lucia

Christopher's cousin, Megan,is helping under priveleged teenagers in St. Lucia.

31) Niall Mellon Trust

Anita Connolly was sponsored to carry out necessary work in the townships of Cape Town

32) Orbis - Flying Hospital

Lar Bradshaw, with many supporters, has pioneered much needed projects in Africa with our support

33) Cystic Fibrosis

Carolyn Thornton received a donation on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Association to fund research.

34) Arthritis Ireland

Money was donated to help to find a cure to arthritis which also affects children.

35) Barnardos

A new soft playground was funded for the Dun Laoghaire Centre by the fund.


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