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Total Comfirmed at €31,000

2007/2008 total confirmed at € 31,000

We would like to thank Mr. King for initiating this project and for all his help over the last many, many years. He has done a lot for us and the kids in need. We would like to wish Mr. king the best of luck in his new job and welcome Mr. Devlin who has taken over Sixth Class.

Thanks to Martin O' Sullivan for investing money in oil for the boys which made 1400 euro.

The school raffle raised 600 euro


Exhibition Day

2007/2008 Exhibition Day was on Friday May 23rd.
We are especially greatful to Mary Hanafin(now the minister for Family and Social Affairs) for turning up for the Seventh year in a row.
The exhibition took place despite the school being off that day due to a cut in water supply.
We want to especially thank the Parents Committee especially Emer, Mary, Jean and Maria for deciding to press ahead with what turned a great day.
Well done to all the boys, their parents and Mr. King who returned to give support on the day. John O Connor and Scott Bradshaw were declared Entrepenuers of the Year


Mount Kilimanjaro

Our Music teacher Mr. Dave O Reilly succeeded in scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa on December 28th to help raise money for Christian Brothers Arusha project in Tanzania and the Mountown Project in Monkstown.Altogether he raised an incredible 5,900 euro for the fund





News Flash

May Open Day 2013

The following are the highlights of the class of 2012/2013 on the project they undertook with their class teacher, Mrs. Gumisiriza, and mentor, Ken King.

Overall the girls raised €4000 for less fortunte children in Ireland and abroad and donated money from their entrepreneurial skills to

Down Syndrome Ireland,

National Children's Hospital, Crumlin,

 & Rainbows Worldwide. 

A big thank you to the customers; the children, staff and families in Notre Dame

& to our very supportive parents and generous sponsors. 


  1. My highlight was when CHC actually started because of all the emotions...I was feeling such happiness, nervousness and excitement. I couldn't wait for it to start!
  2.   I was very happy to be helping children who are less fortunate than we are. It's the best feeling ever!
  3.   I'd like to think that all our hard workd was for a really worthy cause....and it was. 
  4.   In Korea, there's not much chance to do this type of work. I have learned so much and now I will bring it back to Korea. 
  5.   I loved delivering the pizzas from class to class because everyone was so happy to see us.
  6.   My highlight was meeting Kathleen from Down Syndrome Ireland.
  7.   I enjoyed getting the produce, setting up the stalls and selling to our customers. 
  8.   My highlight would be meeting Ali Hewson and Olly from Olly's Little Heart Appeal.
  9.   I enjoyed working with my partners and learning to share the workload. 
  10.   Everyone was really happy with the money we raised for the different charities. 
  11.   It was such a fun project...I enjoyed presenting the cheque to Hannah from Rainbows and being interviewed by 4FM. 
  12.  I felt independent, self sufficient and happy. I enjoyed myself immensely.


A big well done and thanks to everyone who has taken part in the business project over the years.