Up to 2008, each year in CBC, previous home of the project, a boy or two boys were chosen as Entrepreneurs of the Year for his/their contributions to the business project. There is a list of previous winners below. Well done!

Each name is recorded on the new "Dan King" cup presented on the 10th anniversary of the Business project.

1995 David Shakespeare
1996 Adam Dunne
1997 James Gallen
1998 David Heath/Neil Rudden
1999 Eoin Duggan/Michael Kilty
2000 Enda Gallen
2007 Christopher Daly and Adam Tarbett
2001 David Kennedy/Richard Clarkin
2002 Matthew Deasy
2003 Mark Kelly/Andrew Patton
2004 Darren Muldowney/John Moran
2005 John Mc Dermott/Conor Duggan
2006 Alan Coburn and Adam Muldowney
2008 John O Connor and Scott Bradshaw



News Flash

The Business!

The Notre Dame fifth class girls under the direction of their teacher Mrs, Gumisiriza have launched this year's project.

While the businesses have been formed and work is well underway, the girls have found time to mention some of the skills they hope to learn this year.



What I hope to learn from Children Helping Children is

To make ice cream and work together. By Sophia

The value of money. By Georgia

To be aware of other people who are less fortunate then us. By Rachel

Orginisation, team work and the value of money. By Molly

To introduce myself on the phone and the value of money. By Haille

To have more confidence on the phone or in a shop. By Lucy

To be a good business partner and a good explainer.  By Tanya

To be sensible with money and remember to give it to the less fortunate.  By Grace

 To care for the less fortunate.  By Abby

 The value of money. By Orlaith

How to be sensible with money. By Molly

To remember to danate to charities. By Lucy

To remember to support others. By Anna

To encourage others along. By Sarah.


Best of luck to the girls and Mrs. Gumisiriza.


A big well done and thanks to everyone who has taken part in the business project over the years.