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The business project, which forms the core of the initiative, is cross curricular and incorporates the curriculum subjects listed below. Life Skills are an important component of the project based learning and pupils experience multi sensory real life situations. This empowers the children to help themselves by helping other children through innovation and initiative.

The children are given the autonomy to grow and develop strengths and work on weaknesses; the space to achieve which, in turn, releases creativity and ingenuity; the chance to develop socially by interaction with other pupils and adults, become more aware of social issues and problems facing young people locally and internationally; learn about different cultures, people and languages;become kinder and more caring and which will hopefully lead to a volunteer culture and their growth into more confident young people


The project relates to the following strands of the National Curriculum and is continually  evolving


ENGLISH - Oral Language, Reading and Writing

Strands     Receptiveness to Language, Competence and Confidence in Using Language, Developing Cognitive Abilities through Language, Emotional and Imaginative Development though Language.



Skills        Applying and Problem Solving, Communicating and Expressing, Integrating and Connecting, Reasoning, Implementing, Understanding and Recalling

Strands    Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Data, Measures

GAEILGE-  Labhairt, Leitheoireacht, Eisteacht, Scribhneoireacht

Na teamai    Me fein, Sa Bhaile, An Scoil, Bia, Siopadoireacht, Ocaidi Speisialta

Deanta i rang a se go mormhor.

SPHE- Social, Personal and Health Education 

Strands      Myself, Myself and Others, Myself and the Wider World

SESE - History

Strands      Myself and My Family, Story, Change and Continuity, Early People and Ancient Societies, Politics, Conflict and Society.

SESE - Geography

Strands      Human Environments, Natural Environments, Environmental Awareness and Care

SESE -  Science

Strands  Materials, Environmental Awareness and Care, Living Things


Strands   Athletics, Games,

Visual Arts  

Strands    Drawing, Paint and Colour, Fabric and Fibre.


Strands   Composing

Much of the Religious Education Programme for Primary Schools forms part of the project.  

We hope to create a link with other Irish schools involved in similar work and schools and children abroad who will be beneficiaries of the project. Watch this space.





News Flash

May Open Day 2013

The following are the highlights of the class of 2012/2013 on the project they undertook with their class teacher, Mrs. Gumisiriza, and mentor, Ken King.

Overall the girls raised €4000 for less fortunte children in Ireland and abroad and donated money from their entrepreneurial skills to

Down Syndrome Ireland,

National Children's Hospital, Crumlin,

 & Rainbows Worldwide. 

A big thank you to the customers; the children, staff and families in Notre Dame

& to our very supportive parents and generous sponsors. 


  1. My highlight was when CHC actually started because of all the emotions...I was feeling such happiness, nervousness and excitement. I couldn't wait for it to start!
  2.   I was very happy to be helping children who are less fortunate than we are. It's the best feeling ever!
  3.   I'd like to think that all our hard workd was for a really worthy cause....and it was. 
  4.   In Korea, there's not much chance to do this type of work. I have learned so much and now I will bring it back to Korea. 
  5.   I loved delivering the pizzas from class to class because everyone was so happy to see us.
  6.   My highlight was meeting Kathleen from Down Syndrome Ireland.
  7.   I enjoyed getting the produce, setting up the stalls and selling to our customers. 
  8.   My highlight would be meeting Ali Hewson and Olly from Olly's Little Heart Appeal.
  9.   I enjoyed working with my partners and learning to share the workload. 
  10.   Everyone was really happy with the money we raised for the different charities. 
  11.   It was such a fun project...I enjoyed presenting the cheque to Hannah from Rainbows and being interviewed by 4FM. 
  12.  I felt independent, self sufficient and happy. I enjoyed myself immensely.


A big well done and thanks to everyone who has taken part in the business project over the years.